The Top 5 Cruise Destinations

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Have you planned your next cruise yet?

If not here are 5 of the top destinations for next year.

1. The Mediterranean


The Mediterranean is not just about Greek islands

There are a number of exciting locations for you to explore on a Mediterranean cruise.

Along with Barcelona the French Riviera, you can explore Spain’s Costa del Sol or Italy’s Ligurian Coast, plus don’t forget there are those numerous Greek Islands as well.

Spain’s Costa del Sol is buzzing at the moment, Malaga is an amazing town with with a great history which is reflected in it’s architecture and culture from the Phoenicians through the Romans and the to Moors each culture has left it’s fingerprint on this wonderful old town.

Within a few hours drive of Malaga you have all sorts of great places to visit, Gibraltar, The Alhambra in Granada, the fantastic old roman town at Ronda and hundreds of traditional Andalusian White villages.

Many cruise lines are making a point of stopping at malaga so if you get a chance we can highly recommend it. It was the highlight of our last Cruise.

There are also plans afoot to create a new cruise port just down the coast at Marbella which will really put the area on the map.

We loved the fact that on a clear evening you can see the north African Coast, There is something enchanting about being able to watch the sun go down between 2 continents while drinking a Mojito!



2. South Pacific


There ain’t nothing Like a dame.. Ahh wrong south pacific!

If you are of a certain age like we are then the South pacific conjures up a whole host of images, swaying grass skirts, friendly welcomes,  lush volcanic islands and tropical paradises.

If that’s what you expect to see on a south pacific cruise then you won’t be disappointed!

Along with being able to visit some lush tropical paradises on this cruise there is going to be some long open ocean travel between your various destinations.

Far from being a negative this will offer you the opportunity to enjoy all that your ship has to offer.



3. Caribbean


Breathtaking landscapes help to make the Caribbean one of the most popular cruise destinations in the world today. As the ships sail from one port to the next you have the opportunity to learn more about this part of the world’s rich history as well as explore its tranquil waters and reefs.

Of course it isn’t all about relaxing there are plenty of places along the way where a spot of shopping can be enjoyed.

One place worth a visit during your cruise is Willemstad, Curacao which has awarded the distinction of being a UNESCO World Heritage Site.



4. Hawaiian Islands


For those who have heard of Elvis will of course remember the film he starred in “Blue Hawaii”. But this isn’t all about Hula Skirts and coconuts.

Well now you have the opportunity to be able to explore some of this part of the USA’s most beautiful landscape at a pace that suits you.

Looking for something that is going to get your heart rate going then this is the perfect destination for you as you have the chance to get up close and personal to a live volcano.



5. Mexican Riviera


Very few of us have come to realise that a trip to Mexico isn’t all about sombreros and mariachi bands. When you take a Mexican Riviera cruise you have the chance to delve further into the country’s history and culture.

Has gained a reputation for being quite a party place, but there are plenty of beautiful quiet secluded beaches you can enjoy during your cruise.

There are also plenty of opportunities for you to try the kind of food that if you had a Mexican grandmother she would make for you.


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