The Power of Stretching

Most people think that getting fit involves a lot of intense workouts. Now not to say that is not good, but stretching is a wonderful to start as well. It does not take much effort, and plus you can get a feel of how every part of your body feels. Most of us are well aware of the benefits of doing regular exercise. However, very few of us know the power of stretching. Doing a daily stretching routine can provide, equally great benefits, to both mind & body. So what are these, well keep reading!

The Body

the body
Regularly stretching makes you flexible and maintains your range of motion, which gets you more agile in all parts of your life. Also, as the body ages, and the muscles get tighter, being more flexible, ensures that there are less chances of getting strains or soft tissue injuries.. One of the key ways you can help recover from muscle injuries is through stretching. As it improves your blood flow and circulation and increases the nutrients the muscle is receiving. This helps to reduce the soreness in muscles, making it easier to start working those muscles again. Poor posture is also caused by chronically tight muscles, which can be alleviated by stretching the muscles. By stretching the back you can have better alignment in your posture.

The Mind

the mind
We all have stress in some form in our lives, which makes our muscles contract and tense. This can negatively impact every part of your body. Regularly stretching your body removes tension and stress from you, by relaxing those bunched up muscles. While I work I tend to stretch twice just for 5-10 minutes. Which provides me a mental break thus calming me down. My boss loves talking to me after these sessions, as I am super charged!! Morning’s tend to be sluggish for me, to start using my brains. I get my slow brain cells to chug faster, by doing a few stretch routines straight out of bed. So instead of a hungry bear, it is an energizer bunny that starts the day!

Keep in mind a few things

I tend to focus my stretching during office hours on my neck, shoulder blade and back. This is because I know that those muscles get tighter in this period than the others. On the flip side, I focus on my leg muscles after a long walk. The morale of the story, focus your stretching on muscles that require help first! P.S. Don’t forget the rest of the muscles altogether though

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0 – 60 slowly not in one go

So static stretching in the form of gentle movements for e.g. like tai chi or Pilates, etc. are a great way to start stretching. However, if you are involved in sports of a specific kind, take it slow by starting the activity at a low intensity level. Then you can slowly charge up to the higher levels. So if you are doing martial arts, do not be Bruce Lee immediately!!
Many people do not realise the power of stretching and end up with unwanted injuries. It takes barely 5-10 minutes, and in return keeps you fit and stress free!

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