10 Stunning Lofts You’ll Love

Welcome to our gallery of stunningly beautiful loft apartments, whether they are industrial in design, a mixture of old or modern or small and cosy lofts apartment have a wide appeal.

You’ll often find Architects using old warehouses and factories to demonstrate their skills and push the envelope of what’s possible.  From humble beginnings in NewYork the loft apartment craze has spread worldwide here are some of the best to inspire you.





Loft 44 Created by By Casa Design Interiors Brazil, creates a wonderful mix of old and new. The mixture of marble  floors and cement walls give a comfortable feel that is often missing in full on industrial design lofts

Tribeca , New York


 The following Image give you a much better perspective on the apartment, the architect has made superb use of the feature wall while adding an early 20th century fell with the black and white photo’s and the plush leather sofa. truly a great mix of old and new.



This stunning London Loft makes superb use of light to create a bright and modern apartment.  Designed by New Zealand born Architect William Tozer




This truly awesome apartment is the Locust Street Loft In PPhiladelphia by Amanda Alligood  The sectioning of the various living areas is superb and still gives a feeling of space while at the same time defining the various areas. The twin spiral staircases allow the full use of the height of the loft creating 2 chillout or work areas.



Can anyone say minimalist? This amazing Barcelona Industrial Loft looks like the owners moved in yesterday, had their furniture delivered and hung up a decorative chandelier.  I love the idea that you can find an empty industrial unit and move in the the minimum of fuss..  I bet it took a lot to get that feeling though!

Milan, Italy


In 2007 Federico Delrosso turn an old Milan factory into a pair of stunning  minimalist style lofts…. That bath!






Back To Brazil for this amazing Maracana loft. I love the way the trees and plants have been brought inside and create a focal point to soften the impact of the brick walls. The single life work space looks to be very functional  Created by Terra E Tuma ©Pedro Kok




Loft apartments don’t need to be huge, this apartment in Camden is around 50 square meters yet still gives a senss of space and light. The bedroom is in a mezzanine area over looking the rest of the apartment Loft Space in Camden / Craft Design  ©Armando Elias



Screen Shot 2015-08-18 at 15.53.16

What could be better than settling down on a cold and damp paris evening in front of that cosy fire? Once a gain a relatively small space has been given depth and size by the use of light. The really good news about this apartment is that you can stay there.. it’s on Airbnb




Everything about this 1800 sq ft Chicago apartment screams quality, time and effort have obviously gone into mixing the modern walls with the original brick once again this is an apartment that allows in a lot of light via Zillow

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