How To Get An Awesome Toned Butt

close up of sporty woman pointing at her buttocks

Summer has gone and you’ve realised that this years bikini was a little tighter than last year. Either it has shrunk or your butt has grown just a tad more. Now you start to panic as you realise that lovely pert butt you enjoyed as a 20 something has suddenly gone south.

There is no need to get up just yet. It’s only October so you’ve got more than enough time to get it ready for next years beach season.

So what can you do in order to get a bikini toned butt once again? Here are some points that could help you.

toned butt

 1 – Be Patient

In order to get rid of the fat, whilst building up muscle to create a more shapely figure requires time and patience. Okay I am going to be honest here now, in that having the perfect toned butt may not always be possible. However it is possible to get one that isn’t only much firmer but also much more shapely.


2 – Learn The Basics

Our behinds are made up of 3 muscles, which in turn make up what is referred to as our “Glutes”. These muscles are the “gluteus maximus, minimus and medius”. Of these your gluteus maximus is the biggest and happens to be one the strongest muscles in our bodies. Without this standing up straight, walking, raising and turning your legs would be difficult. Plus it also helps to ensure that your butt is more shapely.

Every single one of these muscles is covered by a layer of subcutaneous fat, but the amount of fat we carry is dependent on not just our lifestyle but also our genes.


3 – Take A Reality Check

It is important to take a close look at the distribution of fat across other members of your family’s body. If you notice that most of the women in your family are pear shaped, then then chances of you being this shape is much greater. Unfortunately you cannot change the shape of your body, but you can change the size. What you should be aiming to do is actually reduce the size of your butt, rather than wishing it away altogether.

So you may not be able to develop buns that rival those you had when you were 21, but through the right diet and exercise plan you could definitely give your butt more shape as well as tone it up.

4 – Enjoy What You Have

If you were born with a great butt, that you still have but there is just a little too much of it, then don’t be afraid to celebrate what you’ve got. Look at Beyonce and J Lo they certainly love what they were given and have worked hard to ensure that it remains shapely and toned, and so can you.

Hopefully if you keep in mind the points mentioned above then you could soon be on your way to having a bikini toned butt that all your friends will be envious of next summer. But rather than wearing this years bikini, why not go out and spend money on a great new one.


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