Are Your Abs In Hiding? – Get Toned & Set Them Free

Have you become disillusioned after all the effort you have been putting over the past few months and still have seen the results you desire when it comes to your abs? What you first need to realise is that when it comes to developing your abs it can prove much more challenging than you first thought. The issue may be of course that you have spent the last few months approaching your ab training from the completely wrong angle.

In most cases what you may find is that you have actually spent too much time focusing on exercises that aren’t that effective. If you really want to get a great looking set of abs you need to train smartly as well as eat a good clean lean diet.

So what reasons could there be for you not seeing your abs?

Below we take a look at 4 reasons that could be preventing you from achieving the results you desire.

Reason 1 – You Are Attempting To Crunch The Fat Away

The first thing you need to start remembering is that there isn’t anything such as spot reduction. There is no way by doing crunches will you find that your get rid of the fat that is cover the lower part of your abs.

If you really want to get rid of fat from this area it can only be done so gradually through burning it off from your body as a whole through following the right diet and doing plenty of cardio and weight training. The problem you’ll face is that the fat around this area of your body is normally the last to go as well as being the first to come back. This in turn means that you’ll find getting and then keeping a great looking set of abs is harder.

But if you are willing to stick to your new diet and doing plenty of resistance and cardio training then you’ll be able to ensure that your low body fat is maintained.

Reason 2 – You Do Ab Exercises Every Day

It is important that you give your core a rest. Don’t work out on your abs every day or even every other day. Just as with your chest, shoulders, legs and biceps the muscles that make up your abs need time to rest and recover as well as to rebuild for them to be able to grow.

If you really want to see the right kinds of results I would suggest that you carry out your abs exercises every 3 days (so 2 to 3 times each week). Not only will this give your abs time to recover and grow, but it will also free time up for you to some more intense forms of training such a cardio and weight lifting.

When you spend any time in the gym or even working out at home you should ensure that you divide the time up between working all the major muscle groups along with doing some cardio. Then you should include exercises that specifically work on your abs.

Reason 3 – Your Only Ever Doing Sit Ups And Crunches

The problem with these particular exercises is that they only work the muscles that make up the top of your abdomen (rectus abdominus). Yes building up this part of your body is important however if you use only sit ups and crunches then you’ll find that the muscles that make up your lower abs, your obliques and transverse abdominus won’t build up as quickly.

By performing exercises like the plank, bicycle crunches or hanging leg raises can really help you to get a more well formed set of abs because they are working on your core as whole.

Reason 4 – Not Increasing The Difficulty Of Your Exercises

This is the biggest mistake you can make when you want to create a great looking set of abs. You’ll never get past the first stage if you are unwilling to force your muscles to grow. In order to get your muscles to grow you need to not only increase the amount of weight you lift but also the amount of resistance you apply when training. Plus you need to make each exercise a little more difficult when you start to notice they you can do them without really any effort being exerted on your body.

Through adding more weight or doing an exercise at a different angle (for example using a decline bench to do sit ups on) can help to make such significantly harder to do. This in turn could help to give the muscles that make up your abs a boost that will help them start growing again.


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