7 Tips To Speed Up Potty Training

Wondering if the time has come for you to start getting your child to use the potty? Would you like to make the whole process of training them to use a potty easier? If you would then read on.

Potty Training can vary between children, our first was a nightmare to train,in fact it was far easier to train the puppy we had at the time! The second was so easy it was almost embarrassing to talk about it when I was chatting to the other mom’s.

I was that mom.. you know the one you hate because little Johnny slept through the night from the day he got home from the hospital!

Before you begin the process of training your child to use a potty it is important to remember that you cannot force them to use one. If your child isn’t ready then you won’t be able to make them use it. However if you have noticed that your child is actually ready to start learning how to use a potty then the tips offered below may well help to ensure that the process goes more smoothly.

Tip 1 – Establish A Routine

baby girl sitting on chamberpot with notebook

You could start of with having your child sitting on their potty after they have woken up with a dry nappy or say 45 minutes or so after they have drunk a lot of fluids. It is important however to make sure that you only get your child to sit on their potty for a few minutes at a time a couple of times each day. Plus if they want to get up then let them.

Tip 2 – Show Them How To Sit On The Toilet


Whilst you are sat on toilet make sure that you explain to them what you are doing as our children learn through watching what we are doing. It might also be a good idea to get your child to sit on their potty and watch when either you or their brothers or sisters are using the toilet as well.

Tip 3 – Try To Catch Them In The Act Of Pooping

Children's legs hanging down from a chamber-pot

Most children provide us with clear signs that they need to go to the toilet. Some their faces turn red whilst others may grant or squat. Also most kids tend to be quite regular when it comes to the time of day when their bowel movements occur. So make sure that you start to track these events then when you start to notice some regularity at these times get them to sit on the potty just before.


Tip 4 – Get Them To Sit On The Potty After Meals

smiling baby sitting on chamber pot with toilet paper

Ask your child to sit on their potty within 15 to 30 minutes of when they have eaten, as this will then allow you to take advantage of the body’s natural tendency to have a bowel movement after we have eaten.

Tip 5 – Make Sure That They Wear Suitable Clothing

babies toddlers sitting on chamber pot and playing with toys

It is important that what they wear now can be adapted for potty training. So you should now stop dressing them in outfits that snap at the crotch. Instead put on clothes that they can easily pull down or take off themselves without any help from you.

Tip 6 – Bribery Does Work

Cute toddler on potty chait

Don’t be afraid to offer your child a small reward each time they decide to use their potty. Why not create a chart on to which gold stars can be stuck that helps not only you to track what is happening but shows them also how proud you are of them. Once you notice that your child has begun to master the art of using their potty then take them shopping and buy them some big kids underwear. Plus don’t forget to praise your child even when nothing happens because at least they are learning that they need to use their potty when they need to go to the toilet.

Tip 7 – Get Everyone Involved

Cute toddler on potty chait

It is important that you make sure that everyone who is involved with your child’s upbringing including childminders, grandparents and babysitters follow the same routines as you. Make sure that you ask them to follow the same approach you have taken as this will help to prevent your child from becoming confused.

Hopefully our 7 tips for potty training your child should prove effective.

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