7 Romantic Getaways

I am a restless person and cannot be in the same place all the time on holiday. My best breaks are sleeping in a new place every night and here are seven suggestions for romantic getaways.
romantic getaways

1. Trundling Through Ireland

My all-time best was the summer we hired a wooden horse-drawn caravan and trundled along the country lanes and beside the waterways of Ireland. The pace was slow, the bed was comfortable and the locals all were friendly. One fine night we took the mattress outside and dreamed beneath the stars.

2. Steaming South Africa

south africa
The steam train ride we took across Southern African plains competes for second place. We loved the clickety-clack and leisurely pace in vintage coaches watching the world go by outside. We stayed up late over leisurely dinners sipping wine and chatting about our plans together.

3. Cycling the Outback

biking asutralia
I shall never forget that cycling holiday we took along a converted rail track from Murray River to the mountains in Australia. The going was mainly level and basic mountain bikes took the hills easily. We travelled light and slept in sleepy hotels and farmsteads as we went. How relaxing.

4. Cruising an English Canal

english canal
Speaking of relaxing, an English canal boat ride was the simplest thing I ever did after I stopped bumping banks. We travelled at walking pace, tied up where we wished and dined in peaceful places. Sure, the plumbing was a little cranky, but fish & chips at riverside pubs made up for it.

5. Deep into a Norwegian Fjord

norway fjord
A cruise boat ride along a narrow, deep Norwegian fjord with mountains towering on either side is like a journey into heaven best taken with your companion by your side. The ship was warm, but we still snuggled up because we kept the curtains open to see the water smiling at the moon.

6. Overnighting in a Cave

There is a cave we hike to when the nights are warm enough. It is high up on a mountainside and it takes three hours along a track. I know we will be all alone because there is a permit system. We like to sit at the entrance by a flickering fire before retiring to a soft sandy mattress floor.

7. Sailing Off into the Sunset

sail sunset
Someday I am going to buy a small yacht, figure how it works and sail the inland waters with my partner. We plan to tie up on tiny islands, pitch a simple tent and cook fish we caught along the way. If this sounds improbable then I say that nothing is more romantic than the undying love we share.

I hope I gave you inspiration for what to do next on your vacation. Any healthy person should be able to try these out if in no hurry, and I recommend you try.

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