7 Cool Jobs You Can Do From Home

Considering the time and cost of getting to and from a workplace, it seems that work from home jobs offer several advantages. Not all jobs will suit the work-from-home concept but those that do will require discipline, and good time management skills for home-based employees to see a task through to successful completion. Home workers need to rise above potential distractions such as ringing phone, loud voices or the demands of bored kids. The result should amount to a productive and happy home-based employment situation and a happy customer or two. We invite you to read on.

1. Freelance Writing

If you enjoy writing and producing creative content for third parties, you will find plenty of portals offering assignments on behalf of clients all over the world. It could be content for a website, proof reading text, writing an e-book or even something easy like writing a product description. Once you have established a proper working pattern, your profile will start catching the attention of international assignments seeking reliable writers. Tip: a modern computer in a dedicated and quiet space in your home and fast internet connection are all you need to establish yourself as a top class freelance contractor.

2. Freelance Web Designer

Many businesses need help in getting a website up and running or refreshed but they do not have need of a fulltime designer. If you have the necessary skills or are prepared to acquire them, you will find no shortage of work in the form of new website designs or upgrades to existing sites. You will need to know your way around software tools, and again you must have a decent computer and internet connection. Tip: you can choose when to work and for how long, but remember to keep to agreed deadlines to safeguard your reputation.

3. Computer Programmer

If you are good at programing in one of the popular commercial languages (Java, Visual Basic, C++ for example), there are plenty of opportunities out there in the virtual market place. Small to medium-sized enterprises often do not have the need for permanent computer boffins to write new programmes, so they look for intermediaries through contracting portals. Tip: always work to an agreed specification signed off by your client to avoid disputes going forward.

4. Market Surveys

Many marketing agencies look to engage home-based operators to take part in regular product reviews, and market surveys on behalf of their clientele. You should be good at communicating and have established social networks, which all helps in finding regular paid work to conduct important surveys and reviews. Tip: just like any job, establishing and retaining a hotshot reputation is vital.

5. Turning Hobbies to Income

Perhaps you have a passion about making or fixing products or providing services. It could be a hobby that you really enjoy, something like keeping fit and running a fitness class. Converting your skills or talents into a paying proposition could be easy and great too. It could be tuning cars and bikes, carpentry, plumbing, clothes design, or making cute toys to sell through the social media. Tip: all it needs is enthusiasm, dedication, the tools of your trade and a little capital to get started.

6. Caring Jobs

caring jobs
Although not strictly a work from home situation, caring for elderly or incapacitated persons would involve working at your client’s home in a number of different roles. This could include driving them about. Tip: you may have to enrol on some basic training courses to acquire the skills needed, but after training, it just requires a caring and an empathetic approach. The pay can be quite good and the hours of work are reasonable too.

7. Personal Virtual Assistant

If you are good at administration and planning, you could consider working fulltime for one or more executives in need of your help. It might be to organise appointments, make travel arrangements, pick up calls or follow up on correspondence. Tip: all you need a phone, computer and good internet access together with a pleasant and business-like manner and you will soon be in demand.
These are just 7 cool jobs you can do from home in your own time and at your own speed but there are plenty more out there. Speak to friends and find out how they got started, or type in a simple Google search such as “work from home jobs” and scan the results returned. Working from home is cool as it enables you to spend more quality time with your family, and less time wasted getting to and from a workplace!

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