6 Ways To Reignite Your Relationship


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The spark you once had with your partner may be missing, but it definitely isn’t gone. We all have a choice when it comes to getting that spark back that was there in the beginning.

Getting the spark back in any relationship can prove to be a lot of fun. But one thing you need to remember is that when something has been missing for a while it may take quite some time to get it back again.

If you follow these steps one at a time starting from the very first one, by the time you reach the last one you won’t just have reignited the spark that you thought had been lost in your relationship, but will be totally infatuated with each other once more.

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Step 1 – Make Time For Each Other

Taking small steps one at a time can make a big difference and the first thing you need to both learn to do is to make time for each other. Here we are not talking about living or sleeping together, but about doing something together that you find is fun. It is important that you schedule some time (a few hours) each week where you do something together without having to worry about the kids or other issues that make up your life.





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Step 2 – Communication Is Key

Okay making time to spend together is a start but you also need to talk to each other if you really want to become closer than you are now. You need to talk frankly to each other and make sure that you listen to what each of you has to say.

This is going to be the hardest step for you to follow as you may find yourself becoming annoyed or frustrated with your partner. Especially if they aren’t willing to sit down and talk to you. But what you need to remember this plays a vital role in the healing process and will help you to deal with the situation you find yourself in more effectively.






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Step 3 – Avoid Distractions In Bed

When going to bed don’t do what you are doing now which is read a book or play games on your tablet. Instead make a habit of going to bed without any thing that is likely to cause distractions then just time lying down with your partner.

Things may seem a little awkward at first and you’ll probably find that you don’t have much to talk about but over the coming nights things may well change. Suddenly you may find that talking to each other becomes a lot easier and you begin to communicate with each other much better.






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Step 4 – Exercise

Often couples who have been in a relationship for a while tend to let themselves go a little. They don’t worry about what they look like and tend to add on a few extra pounds.

The great thing about exercising is that not only do you start to look better, you’ll also find that you start to feel better about yourself. Plus don’t be surprised that when you do make it into bed with your partner that you have plenty of more energy as well.


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Step 5 – Surprise One Another

In long term relationship simple romantic gestures seem to no longer be a concern, but you need to bring this back into yours if you want to get some spark back in. Even the most simple of things like cooking his favourite meal and then arranging for the kids to stay at friends one evening whilst you have a romantic meal is a great way to get this going.







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Step 6 – Be Naughty

For any relationship to stay happy requires a good dose of love and sex in it. So if you are able to try now to bring back the sizzle that you once had in the bedroom. If you need to put a lock on your door so that you can experiment without having to worry the kids are going to come barging in. Also it is worth trying something new and naughty that you may not of considered doing before.

It is important to create the kind of scenarios that are going to help turn you both on. If neither of you feels horny then you’ll find even when you try to force sex into a relationship it isn’t going to work. Why not go out and buy yourself some sexy new lingerie and after the kids have gone to bed arrange for your partner to come up a short while later and you are then laying on the bed in what you have brought.



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