5 Reasons To Strengthen Your Core Muscles

Okay having a great looking body is one reason to include exercises to strengthen your ab muscles and your core. But did you know that there are other reasons why having strong core muscles is vital.

Reason 1 – Helps To Prevent Injuries

strengthen core muscles

Most of us when exercising presume that it is our extremities which are doing most of the work. However this simply isn’t true. Most of the movement begins at the centre and then works outwards. By ensuring you strengthen your core you will not only be ensuring that the movements are much stronger but are free from pain.


Reason 2 – Helps To Protect Your Inner Organs And Central Nervous System

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By ensuring that your core muscles are strong will help to ensure that everything remains protected as you go about your tasks each day. For example without core strength you are placing pressure on your spine which could lead to your movement being affected and this can then lead to you suffering from back problems in the future.

Reason 3 – Eliminate Back Pain

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One of the most common side effects people suffer from when they have a weak core is back pain. By building up core strength you will find that his helps to bring balance to your body. This then leads to much less pressure being placed on the spine.

Reason 4 – Gain A More Confident Posture

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You’ll find that as your core becomes stronger you stand much more upright. Along with exuding a sense of strength you’ll also find that with improved posture that you won’t suffer from so many back, neck or shoulder problems as you do now.


Reason 5 – Look And Feel Great

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Wouldn’t it be great to be able to walk down the beach next summer and have heads turning as they wonder where you got your figure from. Once you have built up core stability then you can start to build up strength in your core muscles as well.

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