5 Minute Stress Relief

Do you find yourself getting stressed out? If you are then you may be finding that taking a few deep breaths doesn’t seem to help alleviate the problem. Well you may be surprised to learn there are some other ways in which you can help to get your stress levels down, and below I show you some that you may want to try for stress relief.

Method 1 – Enjoy Green Tea

Chinese teapot

Along with being a good source of L-Theanine, which helps to relieve anger, green tea also contains polyphenols that help to limit the amount of damage that can be caused to the brain when we become stressed. Also these polyphenols help to increase the production of certain chemicals in our bodies that help to make us feel calmer.

If you can use loose-leaf green tea and allow it to brew in a clear teapot, cup or mug fro at least 3 minutes. By doing so you are ensuring that as many of the compounds found in this tea to help relieve stress are released.


Method 2 – Chocolate Is Good


Eating just one square (around 1.4oz) of chocolate can help to calm your nerves. If you can eat dark chocolate as this contains certain properties that help to regulate the levels of the hormone cortisol in your body more effectively. Plus you will find it helps to stabilize your metabolism.

Method 3 – Have Some Honey

honey, lemon and ginger

When ever you are feeling stressed enjoy a spoonful of honey. The reason I suggest this is because it contains compounds in it that will help to reduce inflammation in the brain. In turn you will find that as the inflammation is reduced so the symptoms you associate with anxiety and depression are reduced as well.

Method 4 – Mango Is Good

Mango with slices on a white background

Biting into a freshly peeled and sliced mango can quickly help to reduce your stress levels. The reason for this being is that in this particular fruit you will find a compound known as Linalool.

Linalool has been shown in tests to have stress relieving properties

Method 5 – Do Something To Relax

Radiant blond woman brushing her hair

Simple tasks like washing up, brushing your hair or knitting can help to provide you with some relief when feeling stressed. It is important however to choose a task that you will enjoy doing to help you relax.

Method 6 – Give Yourself a Hand Massage

hand massage

You will soon find that a gentle hand massage can really help to bring your stress levels under control. In fact the hands is one area of our body’s that tends to carry a lot of tension, and in turn this can then affect other areas of the body.

After you have applied some hand lotion begin to knead the base of the muscle that is located under your thumb. You will soon begin to notice that the stress you feel in your neck, shoulders and scalp has begun to dissipate.

Method 7 – Make Time For Yourself

Bathing woman relaxing in bath

Even spending just 5 minutes on your own can provide you with a really effective way of bringing your stress levels under control. It is important that you find somewhere quite to spend time alone so that you can sit down and clear your head of anything that may be troubling you.

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