5 Cruises You Must Add to Your Bucket List

It seems that when it comes to the lucrative world of ocean cruising, the liners look more like floating skyscrapers. Of course, cruise lines will argue that bigger means more luxury and entertainment. It does mean that you need to be aware of the actual vessel you will be embarking on to take that fabulous cruise. Here, we are going to consider five cruises that should top your bucket list. Then you can choose the best cruise line and ship to suit each of these exciting destinations.

1. Antarctica Wonderland

The wold’s last unexplored and unpolluted continent tops many would-be cruisers ‘must do’ list. Imagine sailing serenely through once-dreaded South Atlantic waters such as Drake’s Passage, and entering a wonderland of mystical ice and snow-capped landscapes.

Naturally, your ship has climate control to keep you warm as you watch a passing parade of playful penguins, frolicking whales and basking elephant seals. The brave may even consider a Zodiac boat ride to visit one of many enormous penguin colonies.

2. Exotic Asia

exotic asia
The most sought-after countries are Vietnam, Burma, Malaysia and Thailand, although Singapore and Hong Kong remain key-highlights too. Each city offers its own unique ancient attractions and it is impossible to replicate the exotic ambiance found only in Asia.

Use a qualified tour guide to tell you in your own language about the wonders, which will include the likes of colourful and aromatic markets, lush landscapes and majestic ancient temples.

3. Beautiful Baltic

This cruise includes viewing the amazing palaces that were once the preserve of the Russian Monarchy in spectacular St. Petersburg.

Denmark’s regal Copenhagen adds to the intrigue with its unbelievable Tivoli Gardens, while the cherry-on-top takes the form of Stockholm, which rises up from no less than fourteen islands. All three destinations are packed full of amazing histories.

4. Western Mediterranean

Whether you start in hilly and volcanic Naples, or take in the amazing scenery enveloping the Amalfi coast, Italy offers hospitality and good food in abundance. Venice, ah Venice! Nothing compares to this water wonderland with its amazing canals and buildings rising up from the ocean.

Florence has more priceless masterpieces than any other city on the planet. Dwell a while in beautiful Sicily, with Mount Etna the star attraction, then disembark in timeless Barcelona, one of Europe’s top travel destinations.

5. Holy Land, Suez and The Red Sea

holy land
With Mount Carmel as its magnificent backdrop, Haifa is at the eastern end of the Mediterranean and is a stunning city to start or finish a great cruise. Visit the iconic attractions and ancient settlements of the Holy Land before sailing south to Port Said in the Nile Delta region.

Next take in that incredible feat of engineering called the Suez Canal as you pass through desert landscapes to the east and west, before entering the pristine waters of the Red Sea.

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