101 Things That Only A Mom Would Understand

Ok so 101 things may be a bit ambitious, however here are 13 things only moms would understand, why not use the comment section to tell us your unique mom insights?

1. Being able to count staying in bed until 8am as a lie in





2. Forgetting what it is like to go to the toilet without someone watching you.



3. Hiding in the bathroom to enjoy a snack.



4. Knowing that the postman is aware that you are in always to receive parcels even when hey aren’t even for you


Family loading car

5. Even a quick visit to the shops now counts as an excursion

6. You become irate over the misuse of parking spaces designated for those with children





8. The joy you feel when bed time has been executed perfectly


9. That our kids always seem to get sick when we have plans


10. When things that were a chore now seem to help you relax

11. Enjoying seeing your baby smile for the first time, results in a high better than any known drug could give you




12. You fall asleep just about anywhere


13. Getting some me time by going to the grocery store whilst leaving your partner alone with the baby

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