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Best Rain Shower Heads 2018

By Allison | February 6, 2017

Best Rain Shower Heads 2017 As a child do you remember the fun you had just standing in the rain.  Yes the water felt funny as it fell on your face, but you also felt so happy and relaxed.   This might of been fun, but it wasn’t all that practical.  Afterwards you’d be left…

7 Tips For Staying Safe When Travelling

By Allison | January 19, 2017

  7 Tips For Staying Safe When Travelling We all love and look forward to the prospect of travel, as we count down the days and draw up a detailed itinerary of what we plan to do and see. While traveling anywhere should be straight forward, leaving our familiar surroundings can place us at risk…

5 Good Habits That will Help you Sleep

By Allison | January 19, 2017

We all know when we have had a bad night’s sleep. It may start with an early-to-bed routine and before we count to ten, it is lights out. Then, after a couple of hours it seems all over as we wake restless from our slumbers and what follows next is too awful to contemplate –…

vacation scams

How To Avoid Being Scammed On Vacation

By Allison | September 9, 2015

The excitement is palpable as you prepare to set off on other fabulous vacation, leaving routine and familiar surroundings behind for a couple of weeks. We all know that ‘can’t wait’ feeling as we count down the days to departure date. Nothing can stand in our way as we pack and prepare for another memorable…

how to haggle

How To Haggle

By Allison | September 9, 2015

While many people are happy to look at a price tag and pay the price listed others love how to haggle and try to get a good deal. Whether it is a big box retailer, real estate or buying cars many of us could do with some lessons in how to haggle. We begin by…

parenting goals

5 Goals For Every Parent

By Allison | August 27, 2015

You do not have to be a parent to know that there is no ‘instruction manual’ on how to go about raising children. When we were kids ourselves and under the direct supervision of our parents or guardians, we often asked, “What the heck have I done wrong – I did not deserve that!” There…


10 Stunning Lofts You’ll Love

By Allison | August 18, 2015

Welcome to our gallery of stunningly beautiful loft apartments, whether they are industrial in design, a mixture of old or modern or small and cosy lofts apartment have a wide appeal. You’ll often find Architects using old warehouses and factories to demonstrate their skills and push the envelope of what’s possible.  From humble beginnings in…

airbnb host

How To Make Money With Airbnb

By Allison | August 15, 2015

Few of us believe in instant success in any new venture, so making money on Airbnb should be no different, right. Well actually, “wrong” is the correct answer because you can make money as an Airbnb host provided of course that you have what it takes. Stretching it further, you can even do very well…

best airbnb deals

How To Find The Best Airbnb Deals

By Allison | August 11, 2015

If you have never tried it before, Airbnb links the virtual world of the internet and the real world of locating suitable accommodation for your next vacation. Essentially, Airbnb connects customers to unique travel experiences, at any price point and across more than 34,000 cities and 190 countries. This is a trusted community and international…

top resorts

Money No Object The World’s Top Resorts

By Allison | August 11, 2015

“Only the rich and famous need apply” – well, not necessarily, but to gain access to the world’s top resorts will cost plenty. The short story is that if you have to know how much it is going to set you back, you probably cannot afford it. If you are lucky like me, visiting these…

5 Life Skills Every Child Needs to Learn

By Allison | August 4, 2015

Independent, successful, happy, kind, and fragrant. Aren’t these the things we all want for our children? While the following five life skills are by no means a comprehensive guide to teaching your kids all they need to know in life, they provide a great head start. 1. Teach Your Children Money Management Your child asks…


How To Beat Jetlag

By Allison | August 4, 2015

If like me you have jetted off to all manner of destinations, you will probably agree that as time goes by, the seats on aircraft seem to get smaller. It is bad enough having the passenger in front of you recline their seat just as you are enjoying your meal or refreshments, but if you…

romantic getaways

7 Romantic Getaways

By Allison | July 21, 2015

I am a restless person and cannot be in the same place all the time on holiday. My best breaks are sleeping in a new place every night and here are seven suggestions for romantic getaways. 1. Trundling Through Ireland My all-time best was the summer we hired a wooden horse-drawn caravan and trundled along…

work from home jobs 2

7 Cool Jobs You Can Do From Home

By Allison | July 21, 2015

Considering the time and cost of getting to and from a workplace, it seems that work from home jobs offer several advantages. Not all jobs will suit the work-from-home concept but those that do will require discipline, and good time management skills for home-based employees to see a task through to successful completion. Home workers…

cities you must visit

7 Cities You Must Visit

By Allison | July 13, 2015

There can be no doubting that every city has endearing qualities all of its own, but some seem to stand taller and shout louder to encourage local residents and incoming visitors alike. Here, we look at what makes the seven cities we selected standout from the rest, and attract seemingly endless streams of tourists from…

7 Inventive Ways To Save You Money On Your Next Vacation

By Allison | July 9, 2015

We go into spending overdrive when on vacation, as if the holiday is going to last forever and we have no more worries. The truth bites when we get back home to find there are three weeks before our next pay check and our cards are maxed. If only we had been more careful with…


7 Vacations For Empty Nesters

By Allison | July 5, 2015

Although not every parent will necessarily agree, it may not prove quite so easy when the Empty Nester syndrome hits your home. Hard at first perhaps, but many positives can help fill the void that hits us all as our kids fly the coop. Imagine the possibilities that travel opens up instead of wondering about…

how to pay off your student loans

How to Pay Off Your Student Loans Faster

By Allison | July 2, 2015

40 million American graduates now have student loan debt, and the graduates of 2014 were the most indebted class ever. The average amount of student loan debt last year? $30,000. Debt is like a millstone around one’s neck, and for graduates who choose to put their loans in forbearance instead of paying them off immediately,…

bucket list

5 Cruises You Must Add to Your Bucket List

By Allison | July 2, 2015

It seems that when it comes to the lucrative world of ocean cruising, the liners look more like floating skyscrapers. Of course, cruise lines will argue that bigger means more luxury and entertainment. It does mean that you need to be aware of the actual vessel you will be embarking on to take that fabulous…

fun summer activities

7 Awesome but Cheap and Fun Summer Activities for Your Kids

By Allison | June 23, 2015

School’s out for the summer, and you may be looking for fun summer activities that will keep your kids busy without breaking the bank and without the assistance of the TV, computer, phone, or tablet screen. These 7 budget- friendly ideas provide your kids with learning opportunities, exercise, and will help foster creativity. 1. Go…

The Power of Stretching

By Allison | June 16, 2015

Most people think that getting fit involves a lot of intense workouts. Now not to say that is not good, but stretching is a wonderful to start as well. It does not take much effort, and plus you can get a feel of how every part of your body feels. Most of us are well…


7 Superfoods Your Kids Should be Eating

By Allison | June 15, 2015

Would your child would eat macaroni and cheese out of a box every day if he could? Children’s palates are pretty limited. Yours may have a handful of favorite foods, and it’s probable that they’re of the sweet, flavored-with-neon-colored-chemicals variety. Kids generally crave sugary foods in the form of carbohydrates, and bread and pasta are…

bikini toned butt

How To Get An Awesome Toned Butt

By Allison | March 3, 2015

Summer has gone and you’ve realised that this years bikini was a little tighter than last year. Either it has shrunk or your butt has grown just a tad more. Now you start to panic as you realise that lovely pert butt you enjoyed as a 20 something has suddenly gone south. There is no…

onboard services

7 Tips To Keep Onboard Services Costs Down

By Allison | March 2, 2015

If you are like us there is nothing quite like a cruise, combine that with a great bargain and you’ll have us reaching for our credit cards faster than you can say man overboard! Unfortunately from experience we can tell you that what you save on the front end you quite often spend in onboard…

cruise destinations

The Top 5 Cruise Destinations

By Allison | March 2, 2015

Have you planned your next cruise yet? If not here are 5 of the top destinations for next year. 1. The Mediterranean The Mediterranean is not just about Greek islands There are a number of exciting locations for you to explore on a Mediterranean cruise. Along with Barcelona the French Riviera, you can explore Spain’s Costa…


7 Signs Your Child May Have ADHD

By Allison | March 1, 2015

ADHD (Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder) is a very complex mental health condition that not only could affect your child’s success at school, but how they interact with others. The problem with this particular disorder is that the symptoms associated with it do vary so it can prove challenging for us as parents to recognise that…

work at home moms

5 Perfect Jobs For Work At Home Moms

By Allison | February 27, 2015

Being able to stay at home and look after the kids, is something that a lot of mums would love to do. But most can’t because the income they bring in is essential. However there are plenty of opportunities now available that allow mums and even some dads to work from home. Check out this…

rekindle a relationship

6 Ways To Reignite Your Relationship

By Allison | February 18, 2015

  The spark you once had with your partner may be missing, but it definitely isn’t gone. We all have a choice when it comes to getting that spark back that was there in the beginning. Getting the spark back in any relationship can prove to be a lot of fun. But one thing you…

Lose 38 lbs In 4 weeks.. WOW!

By Allison | December 10, 2014

  Should You be Allowed to Know the Truth about Weight Loss? Should You Allow Your Body to Work For You? Did Nature Design Your Body to Burn Fat? We didn’t believe the answers to these questions. After all, our ancestors had to work for every bite of food they ate, whether they were hunters…

only mom

101 Things That Only A Mom Would Understand

By Allison | December 8, 2014

Ok so 101 things may be a bit ambitious, however here are 13 things only moms would understand, why not use the comment section to tell us your unique mom insights? 1. Being able to count staying in bed until 8am as a lie in         2. Forgetting what it is like…

potty training

7 Tips To Speed Up Potty Training

By Allison | November 12, 2014

Wondering if the time has come for you to start getting your child to use the potty? Would you like to make the whole process of training them to use a potty easier? If you would then read on. Potty Training can vary between children, our first was a nightmare to train,in fact it was…

brain foods

7 Brain Foods That Will Improve Your Child’s Grades

By Allison | November 5, 2014

Are there foods that we could be serving up to our kids that could make them that bit smarter? In all honesty there are plenty of brain foods you could include in your child’s diet that could help improve their memory and in turn improve their learning and understanding. So in answer to the question…

stress relief

5 Minute Stress Relief

By Allison | October 25, 2014

Do you find yourself getting stressed out? If you are then you may be finding that taking a few deep breaths doesn’t seem to help alleviate the problem. Well you may be surprised to learn there are some other ways in which you can help to get your stress levels down, and below I show…

4 Common Childhood Illnesses

By Allison | October 14, 2014

During the first year or so your child is going to be susceptible to developing illnesses as their immune system will not have been exposed to many infections. As a result of this they will not have built up any real immunity against them. Of course what doesn’t help matters is that toddlers love to…

5 Signs Your Child May Be Autistic

By Allison | October 13, 2014

As parents we never want to believe that our child has a problem. However when it comes to autism identifying it earlier on can make a huge difference to a child’s life. The younger a child then the benefits gained from following certain treatments to deals with the symptoms of this condition is much greater.…

work from home jobs

7 Really Cool Work From Home Jobs

By Allison | October 13, 2014

Many people lead extremely lead busy lives and this has resulted in a demand for people to provide services to busy executives and parents. This is perfect for a stay at home mom who’s children spend part of the day at school. A shortage of time for executives and high flying business people coupled with…

Are Your Abs In Hiding? – Get Toned & Set Them Free

By Allison | October 3, 2014

Have you become disillusioned after all the effort you have been putting over the past few months and still have seen the results you desire when it comes to your abs? What you first need to realise is that when it comes to developing your abs it can prove much more challenging than you first…

core muscles

5 Reasons To Strengthen Your Core Muscles

By Allison | September 23, 2014

Okay having a great looking body is one reason to include exercises to strengthen your ab muscles and your core. But did you know that there are other reasons why having strong core muscles is vital. Reason 1 – Helps To Prevent Injuries Most of us when exercising presume that it is our extremities which…